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Words of Wisdom from our Class of 2024

by Partnership Staff
2 minute read

The Partnership Class of 2024 is excited for a bright future ahead.

The words of our recent graduates echo a sentiment we aim to instill: a truly fulfilling life is one lived in accordance with a strong set of values. Every student has had their own challenges to conquer. However, it is the collective tenacity of our eighth graders that has prepared them both for high school and everything else that lies ahead. 

“This year has been about leadership, responsibility, and preparing for the future,” said Nathaniel Lamour, in his address to St. Charles Borromeo. “We’ve faced challenges, both academic and personal, and we’ve emerged stronger and more confident. We’ve learned the value of hard work, the importance of kindness, and the power of community.”


Our graduates believe in using the lessons learned in school to better the society they live in.

“I look forward to seeing the change you’ll bring to this world full of greatness and corruption. As Ignatius of Loyola once said, ‘Go, and set the world on fire.’” – Tchuisse Kamwa, Our Lady Queen of Angels


Our graduates are determined to achieve everything they set their minds to.

“There is nothing like the joy and sense of accomplishment you get from doing something difficult and succeeding. I want you all to have that same feeling. We are not limited in the number of goals we can set.” – Mason Jennings, Sacred Heart School


Our graduates teach us to be resilient when facing setbacks. 

“I’m going to start with a valuable piece of advice I’ve learned during my time here. The wise words from my principal Ms. Akano, “Stop looking at the problem like you’ve done it right, and start over again.’Kylie Duran, Sacred Heart School


Our graduates help us remember to be grateful. 

“We will all look back on these years and cherish the memories we’ve made together. Not only will these memories be cherished, we will always find a way to learn from them.”Hailey Brown, Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary


Our graduates cultivated bonds that will last a lifetime. 

“At St. Athanasius, if you just take one look around, you’ll see so many friendships that look unbreakable and so genuine. I know that I appreciate my friends because they’ve also helped shape me into the person I am today.” – Amelia Cruz, St. Athanasius 


To all of our incredible graduates: we are so proud of you, and look forward to seeing where life takes you in the next chapter and beyond. 

Where they’re going:

Hailey Brown, MCHR – Cathedral 

Nathaniel Lamour, SCB – All Hallows 

Tchuisse Kamwa, OLQA – Regis 

Kylie Duran, SHS – Preston 

Amelia Cruz, STA – Preston 

Mason Jennings, SHS – Regis