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We are a bright spot.

We are making headlines and garnering very positive news coverage.

Late yesterday afternoon, NY 1 contacted us for a story about the closing of Bishop Ford High School in Brooklyn. And to quote the reporter, she was “looking for a bright spot” to include in her story when she came upon the Partnership. After a quick telephone interview, the reporter sent over her cameraman and the story took shape. 

Here’s the link so you can see the piece yourself:–the-partnership-for-inner-city-education

What made us so pleased is the story is a real “win win,” both for the Archdiocese and the Partnership – the reporter clearly understood that trying new models meant hope for the future, which is a refreshing and positive message that we don’t hear often enough in the media!

Thought you would appreciate the good news. Please feel free to share this with friends and family alike. Keep the good news traveling.

Last Friday, Fox 5 News featured our first-ever Chess Open – as soon as we have that link, we will let you know. As they say in the business…. More at 11:00.