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Tell Our NY Legislators to VOTE YES

The Education Investment Tax Credit legislation is up for debate and hopefully soon a vote.  Please be part of our new social media campaign by taking part in our “Thunderclap”.  It is a simple way to let our elected officials in New York state know that we are watching and we want them to vote YES!  

By creating enough noise on social media we will impact what happens in Albany.  Help us create that buzz. By joining our Thunderclap in support of the Education Investment Tax Credit, you will help amplify the #InvestinEd message — click here to sign up and add your voice.

After you sign, please consider sharing a link to the Thunderclap on your social networks and encouraging your friends to sign up too. 
Here’s a sample Tweet you can use: 

Join me and @InvestinEdNY in standing up for investments in NY education!

Thank you for taking part in this important campaign.  

To learn more about the Partnership, click here.