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Second Annual Chess Open

Friday, December 12th saw the Partnership’s second ever Chess Open take place at Sacred Heart School in the South Bronx. Represented were all six schools for an all out Kindergarten through eighth grade competition where, according to Michael Propper of Chess NYC, the tournament’s sponsor, “Some very high level chess matches took place.” With over 140 players in attendance and over 15 parents watching, it was a packed house.

Sitting in complete silence, focused, and determined, students from each school represented their team proudly in school uniforms. The afternoon was complete when the winners were announced and the students released the exuberance they had kept in check with shouts of support for their fellow students. Chess NYC, which is available at 51 schools through the city, teaches tournament-level chess in all six Partnership schools. Propper, Chess NYC’s founder, ran the tournament at a much reduced rate for the Partnership. The students will continue to hone their skills for the spring Open that is currently set for Friday, May 15th. Check mate.