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Our schools form the whole child to flourish.

Educating young people is about more than test scores or material gain.

To learn the values and habits that maximize one’s gifts and uplift an entire community takes more than lessons on being a good person; it takes an entire community embracing clear core values, root beliefs, and a shared purpose, and infusing all the routines of school life with them.

Practicing in this way every day from Kindergarten through eighth grade, students can develop habits that become virtues for life.

Education is the art of helping young people to completeness.


Root beliefs are convictions that express truths about the world, and a unique set of root beliefs are essential to the life and identity of each Partnership School. These beliefs are shared by all members of the school community, communicated broadly, and anchored in Catholic faith.

They are important enough that policies, procedures, and routines are informed by them. Decisions should be made with them in mind.

We believe that we are all made in the image and likeness of God.
We believe that we are made for each other.
We believe that we can do hard things.

Core values and root beliefs are everything. I feel better and stronger as a leader with them.


For more on how root beliefs shape Partnership Schools’ culture, click here. For each school’s root beliefs, go to their school website, which can be accessed through Our Schools.

The Catholic identity and culture of the seven Partnership Schools is built on a firm foundation that was established by the parishes and for the communities we serve. We are stewards of that foundation, and aim to support and extend the work of the faith-filled leaders who have come before us.

Partnership Schools’ core values of Integrity, Humility, Hard Work, and Service are woven into the fabric of our work and define all that we do.


I watch what I do to see what I believe.


Integrity means that our actions reflect our beliefs and live up to our moral ideals. We hold all in our communities to the highest academic and ethical standards, both within the walls of our school buildings and as representatives in our communities. As we equip our students with a clear understanding of the moral principles and virtues of the Catholic faith, we instill habits of honesty, forthrightness, and respect for themselves and others.

Hard Work

If there is no struggle, there
is no progress.


Each of us is made uniquely by God for greatness. In order to fully develop the gifts God gave us, hard work provides opportunities for us to sharpen our skills, develop our talents, and strengthen our minds and hearts for life’s journey. Effort, persistence, and determination are essential to learning and success in life. Hope alone does not result in success; we seek to instill in our students a work ethic marked by tenacity, stamina, and zeal.


Those who humble themselves
will be exalted.

– LUKE 14:11

Humility means recognizing God’s presence in every situation and person we encounter, and acknowledging the responsibility we each have to live up to the greatness that God has made us to achieve. We learn to appreciate our own limitations, take responsibility for our mistakes, demonstrate adaptability, and learn from everyone around us. Our humility makes us constant learners who develop our God-given gifts not merely for personal gain but to serve others and build our community.


Only a life lived for others
is worthwhile.


At Partnership Schools, we believe that we are made for each other, so we aim to develop young men and women for others. When we see God in others, we think less of ourselves and so put others first. Our teachers “fan into a flame the gifts God gave” each child (2 Timothy 1), cultivating their gifts, broadening their understanding of the community and the world, and offering their gifts in service of our local neighborhood.