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Prayer for a New Way

Last week, Partnership Principal Liz Nuzzolese shared a prayer with the rest of our network leaders that has lingered with many of us. In these uncertain times, we are even more grateful than usual to be a community united in prayer and in our shared mission. As Liz says:

My favorite moment of every day at Our Lady Queen of Angels is 8:20-8:30: all school prayer. We’re all connected, and we Zoom in with a song and a corresponding prayer for the day. In the recent days and weeks, we’ve been dialoging and praying about peace and justice in light of the election, but this prayer felt really different and I was so excited to use this on election day.

This prayer speaks to the one thing we have control over in an ever changing uncontrollable world of the unknown, and that is how we live as witness to the Gospel and how we form our children in that Gospel message.

The prayer comes to us thanks to mom and author Kayla Craig. We appreciate her sharing the prayer with us. She also has a wonderful resource—liturgies for parents—accessible via Instagram.

So let us pray:

Prayer for a New Way

O Jesus, who asked questions and told stories

Help us raise children who see the power in asking why

And sit in the wonder of someone else’s story

Help us kindle curiosity when the world whispers there’s just one way

Help us spark imagination when the world prefers how it’s always been

Help us fuel passion when the world shouts it’s easier not to care

O Jesus who wept and turned water into wine

Help us raise children who weep with those who weep

And dance in the joy of those who rejoice

Help us model empathy when the world whispers why bother

Help us clothe ourselves in compassion when the world prefers a hard heart

Help us embody love when the world says some don’t deserve it

O Jesus, who knows the aches of humanity

We ask Your help in raising children

Knowing that if we want kids to be

Curious, imaginative, and passionate

We must create space for it in our home

Knowing that if we want kids to be

Empathetic, compassionate, and loving

We must live it out ourselves.