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Partnership Summer Enrichment Open to All

At Partnership Schools we believe that we’re always learning. And learning doesn’t take the summer off–even during a world-wide pandemic.

That is why this summer, for the first time, the Partnership is offering a menu of free virtual enrichment clubs not only for our current student body, but to all children in the communities that our schools faithfully serve.

Summer distance learning is well underway at all of our schools, helping students continue to develop their essential core literacy and math skills. Yet we also embrace the opportunities summer usually provides young people to explore other curiosities, some of which are sparked in the classroom, and others in the world beyond it. Particularly this summer, when everything from camps to adventures with friends at the community pool are taken away, we are even more aware that children are thirsting for outlets for their creative interests and intellectual curiosities, especially after months of remote learning at home.

So our enrichment offerings give students a chance to explore classroom topics they might want to know more about–through fine arts offerings like Raise Your Voice! Virtual Choir and the history-based What Happened Back Then and Why Does It Matter–as well as pursuits not normally part of the elementary school day, such as Kids Cuisine and Introduction to German. 

The design of our enrichment program is as new as the circumstances most of us find ourselves in. Because one of our principles of remote learning is that it must be manageable for families, it is important to us that enrichment happens on a schedule that works for kids and parents. Since that differs from one family to the next, our enrichment opportunities are all asynchronous. Students explore new content each week through videos that teachers upload. Here are just a few snippets of some of our favorites in week one:

…from Mad Science! In the Laboratory, with Nick Endo:

..and from Raise Your Voice! Virtual Choir, with LeTara Lee:

In most cases, students are submitting the products of their exploration to teachers on a flexible schedule. So, for example, the performances that LeTara Lee’s virtual choir are putting together will be assembled from recordings each student does solo.

The virtual platform also gives us a chance to collaborate across our seven New York schools to provide offerings that would be a challenge for a single school to provide. And we’re able to tap into the expertise of a wide range of Partnership community members; The Art of Calligraphy teacher Katherine Torres, for example, isn’t a teacher at one of our schools but is responsible for all our graphic design, and she offers up her seasoned expertise as a calligrapher for our students to enjoy.

Whether you want to join in or just explore, we invite you to check out all the offerings of Partnership Schools’ Summer Enrichment Program. Click here to sign up for:

  • Raise Your Voice! Virtual Choir with LeTara Lee
  • “Drawing & Painting & Sculpting, Oh My!” Art with Becca Anderson
  • Composers Corner Songwriting with Anthony Marchan
  • Elevation Nation: Physical Education with Lavance Johnson
  • Twist and Shout: Singing, Dancing, and Acting with Vince Hale
  • The Art of Calligraphy with Katherine Torres
  • Kids Cuisine with Maria Cristina Ventresca
  • Mad Science! In the Laboratory with Nick Endo
  • “What happened back then and why does it matter?” History with Will Beller
  • Self-Care: Inside and Out with Nehemie Villarceau
  • Introduction to German with Dom Fanelli 

And whether you are young or old, we hope that this summer you are always learning–and having as much fun doing it as we are.