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Partnership Schools COVID-19 Family Relief Fund Begins Accepting Needs Requests

As the entire nation faces the dual challenges of a once-in-a-century health crisis and a nationwide economic shutdown, we have been working together to ensure that every member of our Partnership Schools community is fully supported. Like all Catholic schools, our seven schools are communities first and most importantly. We all work together, pray together, and take care of each other–especially in the face of crisis.

Last week, our superintendent, Kathleen Porter-Magee shared the following video message with all of our families, announcing to them directly what we will be doing to support all faculty, staff, families and students throughout this emergency:

In the video, and as we announced last week, we have decided to do three things to try and help our communities:

  • waive tuition and fees for all Partnership Schools families for the duration of the school closure 
  • continue to provide a paycheck to all our staff for the full duration of the school closure, including hourly staff such as teaching assistants and cafeteria workers
  • Provide relief to families who need it. 

Our Board of Directors and a group of generous supporters, including some of our own Partnership Schools families, have helped us in particular with the third initiative: the Partnership Schools COVID-19 Family Relief Fund. This fund was created for any Partnership family facing urgent financial need due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis, including job or income loss, unexpected medical challenges, and similar urgent challenges.

Partnership Schools Families–including parents, grandparents, and primary caretakers of Partnership students–are eligible to apply and can do so by filling out a simple online application form. Each eligible household will receive a grant of up to $500 in direct financial support.

The generosity we’ve experienced already is inspiring, and more is needed for us to stay true to who we are as a community. If you would like to support our COVOD-19 emergency assistance efforts, please consider donating here

When so much has changed so quickly, nothing is more important or precious than the people in our communities and the values that animate our work together: integrity, humility, hard work, and service. It is a blessing to work with our families every day; it is a special blessing to be of additional service now.

Please direct any additional questions about the relief effort to