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Partnership Parents Speak Out – #ScholarshipsSaveLives

“We are here to have a conversation and to go through a process of discovery… your story represents literally thousands of others.”

Those are the words that start and frame the four-minute video where Partnership parents from all six schools came together to share their experiences, why they send their children to our schools and, most importantly, how critical scholarship support is to them and their families.  This project was created in conjunction with our friends at InvestInEd, an education advocacy group focused on educating and organizing the citizens of New York State in support of the Education Tax Credit legislation.

Taking time out of their busy lives to meet after work for a parent focus group, our parents asked all the right questions and made powerful observations. One mother asked, “For me the question is what’s taking so long?”  While another mother simply states, “Let us choose the way we would like to educate our children. “  And finally one father notes, “Everyone deserves a fair shake at an excellent education.”

4 minutes well spent… 

If you’re on social media and this video has resonance with you, please post it, tweet it and share it. You can also reach out to your state legislators; ask them to support scholarships for all children and all families.