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For Catholic Schools, Time to Innovate

Ray Domanico, director of education policy at the Manhattan Institute, asserts that even amid the Archdiocese of New York announcing the closure of 14 schools this spring, “examples of Catholic school revitalization do exist.” He notes that they are “helped along by lay and religious leaders dedicated to the notion that Catholic schools serve unique religious and civic missions,” and he cites Partnership Schools among those examples.

In making his case for the importance of Catholic schools, he quotes Partnership Superintendent Kathleen Porter-Magee, who wrote in a 2019 Manhattan Institute report, “‘What if the secret sauce that makes Catholic schools truly exceptional—and their results enduring—is the way they treat every student as having equal worth before God? Or about how they see test scores or any metric of achievement as having value only in the service of that larger ideal?’ Only religious schools can demonstrate a commitment to these higher values.”

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