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An Interview with Kathleen Porter-Magee on districts abandoning grades for the year

A Fox and FriendsĀ interview with our superintendent aired this morning to discuss the possibility of school districts abandoning grades for the rest of the school year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – which could prove to be a very detrimental move for all students, despite the surface-level appeal.

Highlighting our work at Partnership Schools, Kathleen explains that parents choose our schools not only for the Catholic values, but also for the academic rigor. She goes onto say, “The idea of giving an ‘A’ for effort or an ‘A’ just for showing up – it’s not telling the truth. It’s not telling the truth to the kids; it’s not telling the truth to the parents.”

Watch the full 4-minute clip on thisnational issue, as well as more information on how the Partnership is adapting to the pandemic, here.