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Partnership Gains Continue to Outpace NY

For the fourth straight year, our network outperforms state and citywide NYST averages. The numbers only begin to tell the story.

For the fourth straight year, our network outperforms state and citywide averages on New York State English Language Arts and Math achievement tests.  2019 also marks our fifth consecutive year of achievement increases in either ELA or math.

We have cut in half the number of our students performing at the lowest levels and more than quadrupled the number of students performing at the highest levels on the state ELA and math tests.  In addition, the highest achieving classrooms and schools in our network tied or nearly tied some of the highest performing charter networks in the City.

How we achieve those results matters, and it tells an even more promising story.  Our students study content-rich curricula that includes unit tests the Network uses to adapt professional development and teacher coaching.  We don’t do explicit test prep, so even as our teachers, principals and network Academic team monitor progress closely, our students do not take valuable learning time to drill test-taking skills.  And the centuries-old work of Catholic schools to foster integrity, humility, hard work, service and faith continues unabated–which means our schools are proving that academic progress does not have to come at the expense of educating the whole child.

Our students’ successes can transform their lives and their families’ futures–and it has wider implications.  As many of our supporters know by now, we accomplish these results even as our network spends less than half of what is spent at neighboring public, charter, and private schools, and we serve students from the City’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Our critics claim that Catholic schools cannot compete in this era of increased competition and choice.  Quite simply, our results suggest otherwise.