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Parents Get Vocal at Heastie’s Bronx Office

On Thursday, June11th from 8:00-9:00am parents, friends, and administrators from all six Partnership schools will be meeting at Assembly Speaker Heastie’s office in the Bronx to support the Education Tax Credit bill.

For weeks, the Partnership parents have attempted to arrange a meeting with Speaker Heastie and finally his Chief of Staff, Giovanni Brooks, will be in the Bronx to listen. With the legislative session ending next week, and the Speaker’s reluctance to meet, this rally serves as a major moment for the parents and teachers of the Partnership to explain that our schools matter- and that every child deserves access to an excellent education.

This isn’t about public school versus private school or Catholic school. It is about the right school for each and every child. On Thursday, June 11th, with the support of the Partnership community, we hope to demonstrate this ideal. Join us, so our voices are heard. We encourage all to join us, as well as spread the word to reach out to your Assemblyperson about this bill.