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Over 100 Volunteers Signed Up

Last night saw the launch of the Partnership for Inner-City Education’s first ever Jr. Advisory Committee bash. As over 100 friends of the 8-member Executive Committee vied for entrance to the Public House event on the East Side, it was a success even beyond the hopes of the group. Bill Fritz one of the founding members noted, “We thought it would be a good night. We never realized just how big it would be.” Donning their colored bracelets for entrance to the party, each attendee was introduced to the Partnership and encouraged to sign up for any number of volunteer activities planned for the coming school year such as field trips, tutoring, after school activities, or simply reading to a group of students. The committee, formed by these eight enterprising young professionals, was created with a specific mission in mind.  Here is what they wrote on their Facebook page: “To better the lives of all students in the Partnership for Inner-City Education’s network of Catholic elementary schools. Through volunteering and scholarship fundraising, we strive to provide low income students with financial, intellectual, and social assistance. As a part of that focus, it is critical to usher in future generations of support and to serve as ambassadors for the organization and its interests.” As the evening came to a close Victoria Daukas, another founding member, encouraged everyone to like them on Facebook, and look for the next event the group has already decided to host in the fall. Overall, it was a great night, a great way to meet new friends and even do some good. Be sure to check out their Facebook page “The Partnership for Inner-City Education Junior Advisory Committee” at the following link: 
Front Row: Caroline Bal, Ali Gourd, Victoria Daukas, and Courtney Daukas. Back Row: Ben Pasquarella, Bill Fritz, Patrick Reynolds, and Matt Gaboury.