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"How principals and Partnership Schools are keeping historic inner-city Catholic schools alive"
end of an era
The Partnership’s Work in New York Concludes
Words of Wisdom from our Class of 2024
NYC Partnership Class of 2024 High School Destinations
NYC Partnership Class of 2024 High School Destinations
Jennings Family Crop
Finding the Best-Fit High School for Every Child
“The Jennings family is a shining example of how parent partnership and student agency can access excellence in High School Placement,” says Chris Matesic, the Partnership’s High School Placement Director.
CLE PD Featured Photo
Cleveland teachers reflect on professional development
“I’ve never in my life had professional development like this,” Metro Catholic math teacher Carolyn Cutler explains.
2022 MCHR Kathleen Porter-Magee-139_FINAL
Superintendent Kathleen Porter-Magee to Take on New Role
Partnership Superintendent Kathleen Porter-Magee has shared that she is stepping down from her position this summer after ten years of service to our schools. 
Poetry Club
How Mr. Ellis Inspires Generations of Young Writers
"Goldilocks-Sized": Australians Suggest Partnership Schools as a Model
PD Blog 4.17
Partnership Teacher Support In Practice
Partnership Schools celebrates ongoing professional development, exemplified by dedicated educators like Maritza, Elvis, and Dominique.