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Celebrating the Partnership Principals
It’s National Principals’ Day, and at Partnership Schools, we have particular cause to be grateful for our eleven principals. 
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Every Minute Matters: The National School Attendance Crisis
"So Clutch": Two Cleveland Educators on Partnership Professional Development
"If we want students to get more out of class, we’ve got to put more in—and we do that by giving teachers the sustained support they need."
Reading Excavating Dinosaurs
Partnership Educators Explain the New Urgency Around How Students Learn to Read
“The Aztecs were hard,” Lisa explains, referring to a recent unit of study in first grade. The emphasis on content knowledge is a new element to the curriculum, and it is definitely a challenge—but one she sees already bearing fruit.
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The Partnership's Immaculate Conception Grateful for 170 Years—and Counting
Partnership Schools Noted as an Ongoing "Lifeline" for New York Families
For Catholic Schools, Time to Innovate
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Catholic Schools in a Global Context
Partnership Superintendent Briefs Congress
By the numbers, America’s Catholic schools constitute the largest non-public school system in the world. Yet it also operates in a deeply decentralized and community-driven way.
Pope Benedict
"Transforming love and truth": Pope Benedict on Catholic Education