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Manhattan Institute issues new report by Partnership’s Kathleen Porter-Magee

As traditional public and charter schools wrestle with how they can translate test score increases into college persistence and post-graduate success, a new Manhattan Institute report explores what they can learn from their Catholic counterparts.

Kathleen Porter-Magee, Superintendent of Partnership Schools, argues that by taking a holistic, values-centered approach to education, Catholic schools produce consistently positive, long-term results. While reform leaders have long pointed to the easy-to-replicate characteristics of Catholic schools—discipline, safety, and academic rigor—they have missed the important lessons that go far deeper. Porter-Magee contends that it’s these values, beliefs, and culture that drive long-term student success.

We congratulate Kathleen for spreading this crucial conversation beyond our schools. We know already from the parents of over 2,000 Partnership students that families want rigorous academics and strong values.

To read the full report, click here.