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Making the Case for Education Tax Credit – Partnership Parent’s Voice Heard

We don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Education Tax Credit is back in the NY State budget.  (As a side note, the Senate passed their version of the bill 47-15.)  

On Tuesday, Feb 2, the NY State legislature held a revenue hearing on the executive budget where the tax credit has been included.  Tom Carroll and Peter Murphy from the Invest In Education group organized a contingent of supporters including Derrell Bradford from  NYCAN – the “Campaign for Achievement Now”, Darla Romfo from Children’s Scholarship Fund, Jessica Madio a Partnership parent and Academic Dean at St. Athanasius School and parent Raesha Cartagena, also from St. Ath. to attend the hearing. 

Afterwards, Derrell and Raesha appeared on Capital Tonight on TWC News.  Here is the link to the nine minute piece where both Derrell and our parent, rocked it:  click to view.

The message was clear:  There is no good reason not to pass this legislation both from a budgetary and benefit perspective.  The people who matter most, our students deserve the opportunity for an excellent education regardless of politics and we can’t wait!   

Enjoy.  And be sure to contact your state legislators to voice your support.  This could be a game changer for our students, parents, and the Partnership.  Here is a link that lets you quickly and easily identify both your NY State Senator and Representative with a simple message already written for you to personalized or not.

We know from the “experts” that personal and direct input from parents, supporters and voters has a tremendous impact on our legislators.  So I encourage you to send a simple note asking for their support – it would be hugely helpful. Also feel free to forward this information to friends and family alike whom you believe might share your belief in the power of school choice for our families.  Thank you.