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Letter from Jill Kafka, Executive Director

It’s hard to believe that the Partnership for Inner-City Education launched its network of six Catholic PreK-8th grade schools just 15 weeks ago. To prepare for this, last spring the Partnership set in motion several initiatives designed to advance its network goals to raise achievement levels and strengthen school operations and finances.  You will learn more about our efforts in this newsletter.   Briefly, here are some of the highlights to date.  We have:

  • Hired an experienced leadership team
  • Added six school operations managers to free up our principal’s working hours for instructional leadership
  • Extended the hours for the academic day at two schools (The other four already had extended hours)
  • Added after-school programming to the remaining two schools and began programming at other schools to be sure all students have art, music and sports at least once a week
  • Made safety and code upgrades, spruced-up buildings, and began capital repairs
  • Launched Partnership and school websites;  created  logos for four schools

Looking ahead, the Partnership leadership team will focus on the following:

  • Developing strategic plans for each school
  • Strengthening principal and teacher capacity to academically prepare their students for college and beyond
  • Introducing systems and procedures to improve school operations and shifting school financial operations to the Partnership central office
  • Preparing for additional capital projects and safety improvements to be implemented,  summer 2014

We look forward to sharing with you Partnership news and updates about our six schools and their students.  In the interim, we encourage you to visit any one of our Partnership schools and see our work’s impact on over 2,100 students and 100 faculty members.