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Finding Hope this Easter

This Easter, as we celebrate the hope that comes from Christ’s resurrection, we do so inspired by the Partnership community, particularly in the last twelve months. Two members of that community—from St. Mark the Evangelist in Harlem—have taken charge of the Partnership Post today, to share their thoughts on where they are finding hope.

St. Mark mother and new operations associate Nikki Woods:

Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection is a constant reminder of hope—hope of how the good will of God can overcome the forces of evil, hope of how truth will prevail and unmask the lie, and hope of how love will triumph over sin.

This has been one of the toughest years for so many people; we have experienced things that have never been imagined, lost more than we can even comprehend, and have been tested in ways that seemed designed for us to fail. The one thing I can say that we so thankfully haven’t lost is our family unit within Saint Mark.

Saint Mark has never stopped trying, trying to bring joy to the lives of the children in this questionable time.  It has tried to bring our community back together by taking all precautions possible. The family in Saint Mark have come together everyday with their heads high, mask on, and smiles in their eyes. There is a joy in Saint Mark that you wouldn’t expect to be there, a love that you thought would be lost because of uncertainty, a warmth that you can only get by people who truly care for you.

I personally have lost family members, I have lost a job, I lost many opportunities to provide better for myself and my children. The loss this year has swallowed me up more than once. However, here I am today stronger than I was yesterday, better than I was last week and more equipped for the unknown than I have ever been.

I have lost a lot but have gained much more than I thought I would. Being a part of the Saint Mark family has given me a different perspective, loyalty, friendship, perseverance and family. It has helped me overcome the darkness that this year thought it would bring and shine light through those clouds. Going into the building everyday and seeing the kids laughing, seeing them engaged in life and seeing their teachers supporting them through everything is a blessing in itself. It is the same hope that Jesus Christ gave us when he died and came back.

Something unimaginable happened when Christ was resurrected, and it showed so much love and light. Something unimaginable happened to the world, and seeing all the love, generosity and unity come from Saint Mark’s gives me hope every day.

Devyn Kale, eighth grader, adds: 

St. Mark families have given me a prime example of what perseverance looks like. Kids coming in person to receive a good education and even the kids who remained online and stayed focused and attentive throughout the school year have shown that perseverance. Throughout all the losses we all have been through, we stuck together and kept striving for the best.

Devyn Kale, St. Mark Class of 2021.

Saint Mark’s has given me hope to conquer my dreams and achieve many things as they always push the students to do their best. This encouragement comes not only from the teachers, but the principal and all the office staff members. As a family we stick together and conquer rather difficult situations together as “One Saint Mark Family.”

Now I know all our families will be able to withstand any obstacles that they encounter, as we prepare for the resurrection of Christ and the coming of new life, because they are supported by all the Saint Mark Family.

We at Partnership Schools wish all our families the blessings and hope of Easter.