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Doug Lemov of Teach Like a Champion Highlights Partnership Teacher

Doug Lemov of Teach Like a Champion recently featured one of our superstar teachers, Ms. Narlene Pacheco of Immaculate Conception School, in his Field Notes blog. Ms. Pacheco is one of many models of excellence in our schools, and we’re excited that her work is being recognized. Check out Doug’s words below:

Wanted to take a moment to share a really lovely and elegant video from Narlene Pacheco’s kindergarten classroom at Partnership NYC’s Immaculate Conception School in the Bronx.

Narlene’s teaching demonstrates a lot of elements of the Check for Understanding (CFU) technique, most of all Tracking Not Watching– the idea that careful observation for mastery is a teacher’s first task.

That’s a seemingly simple thing to do but in a complex setting like a classroom it can be challenging. And sometimes techniques like this are most challenging in the younger grades, so the idea that Ms. Pacheco crushes the CFU with her kindergarten is a bonus.

Here’s the video:

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