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Discovering Fire with Director of Math Achievement

Selected by Kathleen Porter-Magee to join the Partnership’s academic team, Lauren DelFavero serves the crucial role of Director of Math Achievement. Ms. DelFavero comes to the Partnership most recently from the charter school, Success Academy. Last year, 100% of her 5th graders passed the NY State Math test with 96% of students scoring “fours” – the highest level.  A self-described teacher from the word go, Ms. DelFavero looks forward to achieving the same results for all 2,113 students in the network.

  1. What made you decide to transition from teaching students to teaching teachers?

“I wanted to affect more students. Teaching in few classes can be very isolating especially when you realize that we have an entire city of students who need support. While I miss my kids terribly, I am on the road to affect a larger population of students. Second, being a classroom teacher is a 24/7 career. I am committed to getting my Doctoral Degree within the next few years, and I wanted to be in a position that would allow me to do that. Working with the Partnership gives me enriching leadership opportunities that will best prepare me for this next phase.”

2.       What has been a favorite moment so far?

“In November, I was leading a math workshop for teachers. It was the last session of the day, and there is always a struggle that comes with engaging after a long, productive day of learning. I used division strategies that were new to our teachers, and the room became so filled with enthusiasm that I can only liken it to the ‘discovery of fire.’ Teaching math is my passion, and there is no greater joy than watching aroom of teachers, or even just one student, experience the ‘discovery of fire’ moment – when something clicks in a mathematician’s brain, and suddenly, a once foreign concept becomes familiar. The level of confidence that comes from this is what we, as teachers, strive  to give our kids as often as possible.”
3.       What are you looking forward to most?

“I am most looking forward to closer collaboration with teachers. Right now there is a heavy emphasis on professional development, but as the year moves forward, I am most excited to start developing teams of teachers. In working more closely with teachers, I am eager to see their confidence grow asthey develop their craft. That will be the ultimate fire for me.”