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Knowledge transforms.

Partnership teachers provide students with an education worthy of each child’s God-given gifts.

Equipped with zeal for our shared mission, best-in-class curricula, a clear vision of excellent instruction, and the coaching and professional development they need to be effective, our educators change lives, every day.

The mission of schools is to develop a sense of truth, of what is good and beautiful.


We know—and a great deal of research confirms—that knowledge-building is the key to comprehension and understanding. So our curricula combine phonics, fluency, and background knowledge to produce lasting literacy for every reader.

We also know that vocabulary is the most important form of knowledge, so our students study new words and practice using them often in meaningful ways.

And in a time when great books are increasingly rare subjects of study in elementary schools, our students read novels as early as fourth grade, both escaping into and getting inspired by great books.
Our students also study history, geography, and the Catholic faith beginning in Pre-K.
Thus, through a carefully spiraled sequence of engaging stories, study of diverse cultures, examinations of the natural world, and reflections on humans’ deepest aspirations, our curricula shape a world view informed by others’ experiences and aimed at inspiring a life-long quest for understanding.

The more productive struggle, the more the brain grows.


We put every student on the path to Algebra 1 in eighth grade, which enables them to access advanced math and science courses in high school and beyond.


To get there, we use an approach that balances building students’ conceptual understanding of math with their mastery of procedures.

Our students also dig into science from their youngest years through graduation, using textual study and hands-on application to gain the knowledge and skills that are the crucial foundation for advanced study of science.

Teaching content is teaching reading.


Learning can sometimes be messy. We think that is a good thing.

The instructional strategies our teachers use help build students’ zeal for learning and their resilience when the process is tough. We equip teachers with the strategies and routines to make every minute of class matter, to create a culture of error where mistakes are a springboard to learning, and to ensure that joy comes through learning, not at the expense of it.

We also teach writing as a tool for thinking and
expression, using an approach that is as low-tech as it is effective.