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A Day in the Life, Third Grade Edition

As I was just beginning my first year as principal at Our Lady Queen of Angels this summer, I got to know Josh virtually,  when his mother sent over a special image:

That’s Josh. He’s in third grade. He and his family go to church on Sundays, and on that particular Sunday, Josh said a special prayer for OLQA. His mother sent a prayer with the picture. Josh’s family just baptized his baby brother, and Josh is looking forward to receiving his sacrament of first Eucharist soon.

When I think about Josh—the days he is having at our school now, and the spiritual community that he and his family are clearly a part of here—I feel  every bit of God’s unwavering love for us and presence in this new year ahead.

October 8, 2020

Josh was the first person at school this morning, and throughout the day, he shared some of his thoughts on his experience of school now with me and with Maria del Mar Fournier-Ortiz and Annie Girton, who are interning with us through Teachers’ College, Columbia University.

Josh gets his temperature taken outside school.

What do you think about wearing a mask and some of the other safety protocols, like getting your temperature taken? 

Using masks is hard. [About temperature recording] I like it because when kids feel bad they can go home. If they don’t feel bad they can be here at school.

What are you most excited about today? 

I am most excited about playing my recorder in music class today. This will be my second time playing it.

What is your favorite class? 

Doing math because it is easy for me. 


In English-Language Arts I hear your teacher calling you zoologists. What are you reading about these days? 

We are learning about animals, like warm blooded animals. 

I think the naked-mole rat is cool because it’s a rat that doesn’t have fur. But I think I’d be a baby panda.

What do you like most about being back in school?

Now I’m happy I get to play with friends, because in the last year I only saw them in Zoom and didn’t see them in person. I feel happy because I can see them.

What  are your two favorite parts of school, and why? 

Gym because I can exercise and become sweaty. Going outside to be with friends a lot and play. 


 What is your favorite school lunch and how does lunch this year compare to last year? 

I like mac and cheese day because it has a lot of cheese. Sometimes I make a mess all over my shirt. 

I also like lunch in my classroom better than the cafeteria, because it’s not as crowded and it lets me talk to people. You can’t hear the other people downstairs.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

A police officer, to save people who are in danger.



Liz Nuzzolese is the principal at Our Lady Queen of Angels School, East Harlem, New York.